Ry Prichard

Cannabis photographer, writer, and researcher.

I've spent the better part of 10 years doing nothing but cannabis. Though my interest goes much farther into the past, the beginning of cannabis as a business for me was in late 2009, when I started MMJinColorado.com. This simple blog allowed me to start experiencing the early Colorado medical dispensaries firsthand and I started taking my first cannabis photos with a $100 USB microscope.

In 2010, I joined KindReviews.com, a burgeoning reviews site with a working staff and a larger audience than I had seen to that point. I started as a reviewer, getting samples passed out to me and filling out a fairly thorough review sheet. Once a few months passed, I ended up taking over the photography duties in addition to editing the site and managing the evaluation rubric. I photographed, wrote, and edited everything on KindReviews from August 2010 through March 2013, when I left the business to pursue my own independent photography and research.

During the KindReviews era, I had the pleasure of working and forming lasting relationships with with some of the most talented breeders, extractors, and growers in the world, many of whom had congregated in Colorado to pursue these new opportunities. With the help of these individuals, I built a library of thousands of photos of unique varieties from verified sources -- this allowed me to really refine my strain knowledge and verification skills, which has informed all consulting and writing work since. I was also contracted by High Times for my first work with their magazine and online presence, including photographing all of the entries for the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Denver Cannabis Cups and serving as an official judge for many others.

I have continued photography and writing work, contributing to and advising publications such as Newsweek, The Cannabist/Denver Post, Thrillist, High TimesRolling Stone, National Geographic, Slate, and others. I have also appeared on CBS This Morning, TruTV's Super Into, Tokyo TV, German Public Radio, MTV's True Life, and was featured in the full-length documentary Rolling Papers.

In late 2016, I became co-host and Cannabis Specialist for the James Beard Award-nominated Viceland TV show Bong Appétit, the world's first cannabis cooking show. On the show, I served as an information resource for both the viewers and the chefs, formulating the infusions and also weaving in other elements such as cannabis flavors and aromatics to make the most interesting cannabis cuisine ever created.